The Assets Advisors


Top Rated Luxury Realtor® Broker in the Industry

The Assets Advisors


Top Rated Luxury Realtor® Broker in the Industry

The Assets Advisors


Top Rated Luxury Realtor® Broker in the Industry

The Assets Advisors

From stunning luxury homes to exquisite private yachts, here at the Assets Advisors, we understand that a comfortable, relaxing, and high-end lifestyle is important to you. We offer an experience that no one else can, guiding you through purchases and financial decisions with ease, confidence, and trust. We make investing in Dubai property a hassle-free and fulfilling experience, offering you a wide range of options for luxury apartments in Dubai. To us, nothing is impossible, and no dream is out of reach. You can rely on the Assets Advisors to create the perfect luxury life in Dubai that you’ve always wanted.


We Don’t Sell You, We Advise You.

Located in the heart of Dubai, the Assets Advisors provide luxury real estate clientele with stellar service, trust-based relationships that last years, and a wealth of knowledge on this opulent city’s real estate market. This experienced and knowledgeable team led by CEO and founder Fawzi Hamze excel at delivering a luxury experience to their clients.

The Assets Advisors pride themselves on their ability to offer unmatched expertise and services. If you’re looking to make a deal in Dubai, there is no one better to have on your side than the Assets Advisors, who bring years of experience and business acumen to the table. From luxurious residential real estate to exquisite yachts or private jets, the Assets Advisors have the necessary knowledge to partner with you, helping every deal go smoothly.

Exclusive Dubai Luxury Properties

The Assets Advisors team offers access to exclusive properties that no one else can. If you want to own a stellar Dubai luxury home, look no further! We are well-versed in connecting clients with gorgeous upscale properties. 

Whether you’re looking for magazine-worthy architectural details, resort-style amenities, or a vacation home that’s truly a getaway, we will help you find it. We have unparalleled access to high-end properties in international locations, allowing us to help you find the perfect luxury retreat to call home.

Local Experts, International Connections

As a Dubai-headquartered luxury real estate brokerage, we have connections that span not just the glittering city of Dubai, but the world. Thanks to our incredible and far-reaching network, we will be able to connect you with opportunities you might not have otherwise considered. Whether you’re yearning for life in a sprawling luxury community or a picturesque beachfront home, the team at the Assets Advisors have the knowledge and connections to take you where you want to go.

Want to stay right here in Dubai? No problem! Fawzi and his team know that this spectacular, sunny city has so much to offer, from its unbelievable architecture to its buzzing nightlife. Browse Palm Jumeirah real estate or luxury condos for sale in Dubai Creek Harbour. With the Assets Advisors on your side, you’ll have access to a wealth of local knowledge and expertise.

We Are Luxury Partners too! 

There’s nothing like the convenience of a private jet. Gone are the days of waiting in airport traffic, shuffling through security lines, stressing about delayed flights, or searching for missing luggage. With a private jet, you can take to the skies whenever you want, arriving at your destination when you decide! Our professional and experienced team will be happy to help you as you search for the perfect luxury private jet that meets your needs.

Nothing sounds more relaxing than a day on a private yacht, drifting through the pristine waters off the coast of Dubai. Let our team be your guide to finding your ocean oasis. We will guide you through the process of finding your perfect yacht, navigating financial decisions to set you up with the lifestyle you desire.

Diversify your investment portfolio and secure your future with Dubai's booming real estate market and cryptocurrency. With our platform, you can easily and securely purchase luxury Dubai properties with cryptocurrency.

Work With Fawzi

Whether you’re in the market for a Dubai luxury home or dreaming of purchasing a private jet, the Assets Advisors team is here to help. We will be your partner each step of the way, developing long-lasting relationships based on trust and understanding. A luxury purchase is an important step, and our team knows exactly how to help you achieve even the loftiest of goals.

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