The Assets Advisors’ Complete Home Buying Guide for Luxury Projects

The Assets Advisors’ Complete Home Buying Guide for Luxury Projects

  • Fawzi Hamze
  • 07/27/23

If you are seeking to add exquisite real estate to your investment portfolio, few places have seen as impressive returns in last year’s global market as Dubai achieved. While much of the world suppressed growth and access during the Covid-19 pandemic, Dubai was open for business. Since that time, UAE has continued to develop its reputation as an international business haven, welcoming investment and trade from around the globe with progressive policies that have served the nation well.

What makes Dubai a great location for investing?

The investment powerhouse The Assets Advisors can tell you that Dubai has its eyes on the future, and the future features tantalizing economic investment. Several policies currently in place will make Dubai shine as the right choice for your growing portfolio, and these are just a few of them:

  • The Commercial Companies Law enables foreign companies to establish business with 100% ownership
  • 40 tax-exempt development zones are available across the UAE
  • International investors are invited to engage in over 2000 economic opportunities in many fields of business, education, and technology
  • A wide range of partnerships and corporate structures are welcomed
  • No income taxes are levied outside of oil companies and international banks
  • Extended visas- investors and business people are granted ten-year residency
  • No UAE national is needed to serve as a company liaison 
  • UAE stands out among Arab nations in trade, largely due to very low tariff rates
With these investment-minded policies in place, the stage has been set for exponential growth, an ever-expanding economy, and increasing demand for one of Dubai’s greatest assets — real estate.

Lucrative real estate

In recent years, Dubai has elevated impeccable living in ways that are redefining the luxurious lifestyle. Real estate in Dubai is in great demand. Residential sales values have appreciated 12% on average, and rentals have increased by over 20%. Tourism has increased, and the occupancy of rental units improved 37% in 2022.

Noteworthy among engineering and architectural feats lies Palm Jumeirah real estate, the world’s largest man-made island community in the shape of a palm tree. This incredible $12 billion development doubled the coastline of Dubai, and since construction began in 2001, the population has soared to 78,000.

Palm Jumeirah, as its name suggests, is designed in the shape of an enormous palm tree. The “trunk” of this tree is the entrance, with a six-lane highway or a monorail from the mainland providing easy access to the commercial district. Here you’ll find businesses, a high-end shopping mall, and many dining options. The trunk also features 2,600 apartments and townhouses, from compact studios to four-bedroom residences.

Branching off from the trunk are numerous “fronds,” each of which contains sumptuous gated communities of beachfront Palm Jumeirah luxury homes. Each of these homes enjoy private access beaches. Encircling the palm tree in a great arc are more than 20 premier resorts and boutique hotels, none of which are more recognizable than Atlantis. Around the perimeter, you’ll find nearly seven miles of boardwalk that features beautiful views of the city skyline and the Arabian Gulf. The world’s largest “dancing” fountain now performs mesmerizing shows nightly from Palm Jumeirah.

Palm Jumeirah luxury homes led the way in real estate growth in recent years, as two of the top three real estate sectors in 2022 included Palm Jumeirah Apartments, which appreciated at 34% while Palm Jumeirah Villas increased in value by 47%.

Whether you are seeking a full-time residence, a vacation destination, or an investment property, the island offers everything you could need at your fingertips: delectable dining, aquatic recreation, shopping, nightlife, and other amenities. Transportation to and from the island, as well as inside it, is as easy as hopping on the Palm Monorail.

Additionally, since Palm Jumeirah real estate is a limited commodity, its development capacity is nearly realized. Every inch of the island has been accounted for, and areas that have not been fully developed yet soon will be. Because of this, the highly coveted properties available on the world’s most distinctly recognizable islands are only going to appreciate in value.

Are you ready to invest?

Begin your investment journey with a clear vision. Consider your personal goals for this investment. Will your Palm Jumeirah luxury home be utilized primarily as your personal residence? Do you plan to vacation here and rent out the property when you are away? Put yourself into the shoes of the ideal resident, whether that be you or an illustrious tenant. Look for properties to suit the needs of that resident, such as:

  • Design: What features make this home outshine the rest? Gourmet kitchen? Walk-in closets? An infinity pool? A private spa? Are the features of this home highly coveted?

  • Amenities:  If you’re considering an apartment or a condominium, what premium shared features will add convenience and enjoyment to your time here?

  • Location: Visitors to Dubai will likely want easy access to public transportation or taxi services, and longer-term guests will want access to practical services and businesses.
When you’ve got an idea in mind for your ideal investment property, it’s time to collaborate with industry experts. First, meet with your financial advisor to determine the timing, strategy, and feasibility of your desired purchase. Cash offers continue to dominate the real estate market in Dubai, so preparing to make your purchase in like fashion will be advantageous.

Along with a skilled financial advisor, you’ll need the expert guidance of The Asset Advisors. Founder Fawzi Hamze is not only a knowledgeable Palm Jumeirah real estate agent, but his background includes extensive work in banking and investing. The Asset Advisors understand the unique nuances of the luxury real estate market and are committed to helping you maximize earnings while achieving all of your financial goals.

Work With Fawzi

As your real estate agent, Fawzi Hamze is committed to making the home buying and selling process as smooth as possible. He will listen to your needs and criteria in finding you your “Dream House” and will be dedicated to keeping you informed throughout each step.

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