Private Jets

How We Can Help You

A private jet allows you the luxury of taking to the skies whenever your heart desires

If you dream of a life where international travel is with easy reach, a private jet may be your answer. Long gone are the days of wading through airport traffic, shuffling through security lines, worrying about delayed flights, or agonizing over missing luggage. Having your own private jet offers incredible luxury and convenience — you can enjoy all the privacy and security you could ever ask for as you travel anywhere in the world, from cross-country weekend excursions to business trips where you will always fly first-class. 

So, if you’re looking for a luxurious way to soar through the skies, reach out to the expert team at The Assets Advisors. We have the skills and connections to help you find the perfect jet to achieve all your high-flying dreams.


Fawzi Hamze’s business expertise, steadfast work ethic, and portfolio of smiling clients speaks volumes about his integrity and commitment to exceeding expectations. As CEO of The Assets Advisors, Fawzi and his team are dedicated to providing outstanding service and are well-versed in luxury sky travel. Reach out to us today — we would love to help you find your wings.

Buying and Selling Private Jets

We Exceed Expectations

At The Assets Advisors, we start by carefully evaluating each client's individual needs as they search for a private jet. We want to know:
  • Is this intended as an investment purchase or a practical one? 
  • What amenities do you need on your private jet? For example, you might want private sleeping spaces or conference and working spaces. 
  • How spacious do you want your jet to be? We'll discuss the number of people you might need to travel with on a regular basis as well as your plans for the future. 


We recognize that each client’s needs are unique, so we will tailor our approach to fit each of your goals. Before you know it, you will have open sky ahead of you.

We Specialize in New and Pre-Owned Private Jet Sale

Maybe you’re seeking a new private jet for sale in Dubai that’s fresh off the line — one that you can customize with all the upscale amenities and features imaginable. Or, maybe you’re looking for a pre-owned jet — one that’s tried-and-true and has already spent time in the sky. No matter your aspirations, we want to help you reach them. 

Consistency. Professionalism. Exceptional Results

At The Asset Advisors, no goal is too lofty — even those that end up in the clouds. We truly believe that anything is possible, and we provide creative problem-solving strategies to meet any challenge head-on. No matter your destination, we want to help you get there. Working with us, you can expect a level of professionalism and dedication like no other.

Work With Fawzi

As your real estate agent, Fawzi Hamze is committed to making the home buying and selling process as smooth as possible. He will listen to your needs and criteria in finding you your “Dream House” and will be dedicated to keeping you informed throughout each step.

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