Private Yachts

A Heart for Adventure

If you hear the open seas calling your name, the Assets Advisors can help you find a private yacht to make your dream of ocean adventures a reality. Before you can enjoy those journeys, however, you must find the ideal yacht: one that serves as a promising investment and offers the features and amenities you dream of—one that opens doors for your future.

So, whether you're planning to head out on week-long excursions or you want to host memorable events on your private yacht, the Assets Advisors can help you find the yacht you’ve been hoping for. 


If you’re searching for a seaside adventure on a private yacht, the expert team at the Assets Advisors will help you get there. Helmed by Fawzi Hamze, this phenomenal team brings a goal-oriented mindset, a creative approach to problem-solving, and an eye for luxury to the table. Reach out to the Assets Advisors when you are ready to make your dreams a reality. You’ll be crossing the waves in no time!

Buying and Selling Private Yachts

Start your seaside adventure with the Assets Advisors

We Pay Attention to the Details

At the Assets Advisors, we bring customized guidance tailored to suit your lifestyle and help you reach your goals. We focus on your future and aim to create a luxurious experience for each of our clients. To prioritize your needs, we want to know all the details.

  • Which amenities are you looking for in a yacht? From sunbathing areas and private pools to spas to cinema rooms, we’ll provide you with an overview of the amenities so you can customize your life of luxury.
  • What do you want to use your yacht for? Is it intended as a long-term investment? A party boat? A private getaway?
  • What do your budget and financial plan look like? 

While a key component of our endeavor is to help you realize your dreams, we also want to understand how your yacht factors into your overall financial plan. We will help you evaluate your long-term portfolio so that we can help you achieve financial success. 

Specializing in New and Pre-Owned Luxury Yachts

At the Assets Advisors, we specialize in a variety of luxury yachts for sale, from classic sailing yachts to the most upgraded, modern yachts on the market. Working with us, you’ll have access to the most incredible superyachts with all the features you can imagine, including dining and hosting areas, spacious sunbathing decks, onboard pools, and more. Plus, we have connections to an array of pre-owned yachts that have seen their fair share of open waves. 

Are You Ready to Cross the Seas in Ultimate Luxury and Privacy?

A private yacht is the ultimate in luxury. You’ll have the open ocean at your fingertips, the sea breeze in your hair, and the sun on the horizon. When you take to the seas, you can leave your worries behind you. So, when you’re ready to live in luxury, discover our stunning selection of private yachts today.

Consistency. Professionalism. Exceptional Results

With a focus on your goals, the Assets Advisors will be your guide to finding your ocean oasis. We will help you make sound financial decisions and achieve the serene, sophisticated lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of. Working with us, you can expect a genuine commitment and exceptional service that gets results every time. We believe that nothing is impossible and that your dreams are within reach.

Work With Fawzi

As your real estate agent, Fawzi Hamze is committed to making the home buying and selling process as smooth as possible. He will listen to your needs and criteria in finding you your “Dream House” and will be dedicated to keeping you informed throughout each step.

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