Germany Villa


World Islands Dubai


4- 6 Bedrooms

Prices From

AED 21,999,888

This is where superior craftsmanship meets beautiful perfection. Germany Island at The Heart of Europe has been created and brought to life with impeccable craftsmanship and quality that is synonymous with Germany the country. Germany Island will embrace you with rich cultural heritage and diversity, with beautiful beachfront and lagoon villas and a collection of the finest traditional German foods, fruits and beverages. There will be grand events and entertainment throughout the year, from Christmas markets to the famous Schützenfest and Oktoberfest. All of this awaits you at Germany Island.

Our journey, Your legacy.



External Areas & Landscaping

Swimming Pool

External Illumination

Communal Areas


Green Building 8% Annual Roi Guaranteed With 14 Days Free Of Stay

Dubai is one of the world’s key points of connection. One-third of the global population lives within a four-hour flight. Dubai itself is consistently ranked as one of the world’s most globalised cities. It is home to people of many nations, the world’s busiest airport by international passengers served, and the world’s largest man-made harbour. The city has developed significantly over the last 40 years and is a magnet for international visitors, attracting 14.9 million travellers in 2016. Where once there was sand, now there is one of the world’s most modern urban landscapes, linked by multilane highways and a technologically advanced Metro and tram system.

this is an amazing feat of creation built by human hands. a grand and well-maintained lagoon, using the latest technology to pump sea water into the lagoon and maintain a steady tide that dances in front of your villa. with an expanse of water that is almost the size of a football field, with striking crystal clear waters that glitter in the sun and direct access from your lagoon villa. you can step into the lagoon and swim in the clear waters with uninterrupted views of the sea and lose yourself in a tranquil sanctuary.

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Germany Villa
5 Bedrooms








AED 21,999,888



Germany Villa
4 Bedrooms








AED 15,000,000



Germany Villa
4 Bedrooms








AED 20,000,000

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