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Revolutionizes Private Jet Travel with Luxurious Interior

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theassetsadvisor - Private Jet Travel with Luxurious Interior
The Assets Advisors, known for its cutting-edge experiences in the private jet sector, meticulously crafted a Bombardier Global 6000 into a luxurious masterpiece. With an escalating demand for personal jet services and a clientele with a discerning taste for exclusivity, comfort, and luxury, we take the lead in providing an unparalleled travel experience.

Demand for Exclusivity and Luxury

Recognizing the heightened demand for exclusive and luxurious private jet travel, especially in the flourishing Dubai market, The Assets Advisors responds to the discerning needs of private jet owners seeking elevated comfort and luxury in their travel experiences.

Jet Specifications

The Bombardier Global 6000, chosen for its superior features, stands out with a top speed of 528 miles per hour, powered by advanced dual Rolls-Royce BR710A2-20 turbofan engines, positioning it as an exceptional eight-passenger long-range jet.

Cabin Layout

Departing from traditional designs, the cabin is divided into three zones, each designed for specific functions – galley and guest facilities, main saloon for dining and entertaining, and the owner’s private stateroom.

Multi-Functional Spaces

The design prioritizes multi-functionality, exemplified by features like a stowable dining table in the forward lounge and a bar area that transforms into a multimedia theatre.

Luxurious Materials

Rich materials for an opulent touch, including Hermès signature leather, hand-tufted floor coverings, and Loro Piana wool upholstery.

Entertainment and Technology

State-of-the-art technology abounds, offering wide-screen televisions, DVD and Blu-ray players, wireless capabilities, surround sound by ALTO Aviation, and intelligent control via a smartphone app.

Flexibility in Entertainment

The bar area, with bespoke stools by designer Glyn Peter Machin, serves dual purposes, functioning as both a bar and a multimedia theatre, providing flexibility for diverse entertainment options.

Attention to Detail

Every detail, from the metallic exterior paint to the crocodile detailing on the Hermès leather, reflects our commitment to style and sophistication.


The Assets Advisors sets a new standard for luxury air travel, offering seamless functionality, comfort, and exquisite design.

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